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Bison Gears, LLC

Bison Rolling Grill

Bison Rolling Grill

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Compact and portable size BBQ Grill!

Bison Rolling BBQ Grill is for backpacking campers and outdoor enthusiasts. This unique design allows you to roll up the grill into compact size. Set up could be done in less than a minute simply by unrolling. Durable yet light-weight aluminum construction and superior non-stick Teflon® coat provides long lasting performance for your outdoor grill experience.
It’s also offers hassle free cleaning and dish wash safe.

- Spec

Weight: 1.2 pound
Size: 19.4" x 8.8" x 12" (Set up size), 2.75" x 2.75" x 12" (Packed size)

- Packaging component

Canvas Pouch x 1
Rolling Grill x 1
Grill Guard x 2
Stand x 2


- Please allow to wash and clean the grill with dish-wash soap and soft sponge.
- Do not use iron scrubber or steel material cleaning tools when you are cleaning.
- You do not have to preheat up the grill. The aluminum based grill will allow right after make a fire spot then BBQ.
- Please allow BBQ or cooking on small fire only with charcoal (Natural source).

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