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Bison Gears, LLC

Bison Leather Table

Bison Leather Table

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Our basic design intention was that just use the leather stool’s legs to create other designs!
Actually that idea is from our supporters’ experience. A few supporters sent us their photos of the stools, that showing it used to be as a table, and even they have not been outside with the stool! It inspired us to create this project.

In order to produce the table, our one of the big concern is the leather three holding parts (The bottom side) of the leather table. It could be never strong enough to hold the legs. We have had many tests the table strength. And finally the table withstands with 3 gallons of water bottles and more!

And it became a very luxurious and beautiful leather table with Italian vegetable leather. The table would place at your beside of bed or living room sofa to be a aesthetic interrior impact.
Also if you have already ‘Bison Gears Leather Tripod Stool’, you can only pledge the leather table top to replace the leather top instead of leather stool top.

We use natural leather, which naturally aging over time. It also supports waterproofing and is suitable for camping or outdoor use.

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